Haw Creek – April 2020

Tillandsia - Bromeliad - Haw CreekFlagler County has opened the launch at Russell Landing in Haw Creek Preserve. My kayaking adventures have been quite a bit curtailed due to the Covid-19 virus, so we are being quite careful with our adventures for the time being. Today however, going solo, I decided to get a very early start and head over to Haw Creek. The weather was perfect and I felt getting an early start would have minimal other paddlers. I was not disappointed, I was all alone…James

Sweetwater Creek 2020

Gator Face Off - Sweetwater CreekWith the Rodman Reservoir drawdown ending, it was time to revisit Sweetwater Creek and Deep Creek while the water was at a low level. On a previous paddle in September 2019, the water level was quite a bit higher and much of the paddle was over the hundreds of tree stumps killed by the reservoir waters…James

Ocklawaha River – Eureka West to Payne’s Landing

Canon Springs - Ocklawaha RiverPaddling the Ocklawaha River is always an invitation to adventure. The historic river has a unique history that continues to be in news every year due to the Rodman Dam. The paddle today was on a 7-mile portion of the lower Ocklawaha between Eureka at Hwy 316 and Paynes Landing. Our goal was to visit Cannon Springs and Tobacco Patch Landing Springs, both usually covered and hidden by the high water created by the reservoir…James

Haw Creek

Single file through a Haw Creek ClogA new adventure for Florida Paddle NotesHaw Creek. The creek originates in swampland roughly 13.5 miles West of Ormond Beach, flows North for 9 miles before heading westward to our launch at Russell Landing. Most noticeable on this paddle was the diversity of trees along the creek…James

Indian Creek & Gissy Spring

Rest Stop at Gissy Spring RunGissy Spring is a privately owned spring that flows into Indian Creek and travels 0.40 miles southwest into the Rainbow River. The spring actually has 2 vents, formerly known as Indian Creek Spring #3 and Indian Creek Spring #4. The spring discharges into a circular bowl-shaped depression 80 ft. in diameter and discharges from a 15.5 ft deep sand vent strewn with limestone boulders…James

Sweetwater Creek

Paddling Sweetwater CreekWe decided to do an exploratory paddle this week on Sweetwater Creek. The creek was a tributary to the Ocklawaha River, but now, unfortunately, a tributary to Rodman Reservoir. The Creek forms in the swampland north of the Ocklawaha and has a navigable distance of 3 miles depending on the water lettuce, which forms large clogs throughout the creek…James

Bear Creek – Ocklawaha River Loop

Bear Creek in SeptemberBear Creek is a wonderful paddle through a typical Bottomland Hardwood Forest. Often flooded, bottomland forests are characterized by Cypress, Gum, Ash, Maple among others. The trunks are usually fluted and often form a tangled canopy overhead. The shoreline is loosely defined with the typical ‘Swamp Smell’, which are gases produced by decaying bacteria and vegetation. Bear Creek is known for its diversity of Flora and Fauna.