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Floral City Lake – Return to Sleepy Hollow

New Spring Growth on Bald CypressThere are three main open water pools that define the majority of the lake, the Floral City Pool, the Inverness Pool and the Hernando Pool. Today’s paddle was on the Floral City Pool which is made up of Hampton Lake and Floral City Lake. In 1539 the de Soto expedition crossed through the middle section of the Cove. There are numerous archaeological sites throughout the area…James

Floral City Lake to Sleepy Hollow

Tsala Apopka Lake - Hampton LakeTsala Apopka Lake is a chain of lakes located within a bend in the Withlacoochee River with a surface area of over 19,000 acres. Tsala Apopka Lake is located in Citrus County in north central Florida. The area contains numerous lakes, heavily vegetated marshes and swamps that encompass several islands and is often referred to as The Cove of the Withlacoochee…James