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Ocklawaha River – Rodman Reservoir Drawdown

Ocklawaha ReflectionRodman Reservoir is currently in a drawdown, where the water level goes from an average of 18′ – 20′ down to approximately 11′. The drawdown exposes the original Ocklawaha River channel along with the remains of hundreds of Cypress tree stumps that once lined the banks of the river. Several springs known as ‘hidden’ or ‘lost’ springs’ are also now revealed with the lower water level and today’s paddle takes Florida Paddle Notes to a few of these springs…James

Ocklawaha River – Eureka West to Payne’s Landing

Canon Springs - Ocklawaha RiverPaddling the Ocklawaha River is always an invitation to adventure. The historic river has a unique history that continues to be in news every year due to the Rodman Dam. The paddle today was on a 7-mile portion of the lower Ocklawaha between Eureka at Hwy 316 and Paynes Landing. Our goal was to visit Cannon Springs and Tobacco Patch Landing Springs, both usually covered and hidden by the high water created by the reservoir…James

Ocklawaha River – The Rodman Reservoir to Johnson Field Ramp at Hwy 19

Ocklawaha River AweThis was an overcast day, temperatures in the low 90°’s with an occasional rain shower. The paddle takes us, along with the Boll Green Aquaholics, from the Kirkpatrick Dam Canoe/Kayak Launch at Rodman dam, 7.25 miles East to Hwy 19 at the Johnson Field Boat Ramp. The paddle is slow and easy, the water is high and there is quite a bit of downfall due to previous storms, however, nothing interfered with the paddle…James

Ocklawaha River – Gore’s Landing to Eureka East at Hwy 316

Ocklawaha at Gore's LandingYesterday was a beautiful day to revisit the Ocklawaha River. We launched at Gore’s Landing, paddling downstream ( North ) to the take out at Eureka East on HWY 316. The temperature was in the upper 60’s at launch time with spotted showers and became mostly sunny with a high around 72° for most of the paddle…James