Florida Paddle Notes

Kayaking Checklist

Recreational Kayaking Checklist

I am sure it has happened to all of us one time or another. We arrive at a destination to camp or paddle and it is inevitable we say the words “I forgot the _____”. I have even on occasion forgotten to go over the checklist I actually had printed out!  This is a brief Kayaking Checklist of the items I like to have along on my Florida paddle trips. Some items are on the list that I actually do not use or need but are included on the list.  Download a PDF version of this checklist.

Stumpknocker on the Smokehouse Prairie
Stumpknocker on the Smokehouse Prairie

Basic Gear/Equipment:

Paddle, and if there is room, a small spare single blade paddleEquipment for Checklist
PFD life vest
Dry Bags – I carry several sizes for personals, camera and towel
Waterproof Case for iphone and GoPro
Waterproof sunscreen
Insect repellent
Camera Equipment
Micro Fiber Cloths
Waterproof camera protection
Journal & Pen
Compass – on my iphone
Watch – iphone
Paddle Leash

Kayaking Checklist – Apparel:

Quick dry shorts pantsGraphic Apparel
Long sleeve shirt
Flannel shirt when needed
Water shoes
Brimmed hat

Emergency Gear:

First aid kitEmergency Gear
Map and compass
Cell phone in waterproof bag or case
Signal mirror
Knife or multi-tool
Flashlight or headlamp
Goody’s Aspirin Powders
Toilet paper

Additional Kayaking Gear:

Cockpit coverAdditional Gear
Boat cart
Fishing gear
Fishing license
Bilge pump/bailer Sponge
Spare paddle
Bow line/Tow Line

Download a PDF version of this checklist