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The Flora along Florida’s Waterways

Florida’s waterways have unique characteristics among them being the diverse flora. So often we paddle the waterways and see this diversity of beauty throughout the year without recognizing the species we are admiring. Florida Paddle Notes introduces this online guide to help identify the numerous flowers, plants, and trees we so often enjoy on Florida’s waterways.


icon-information-sm-orangeThis guide is prepared to be a simple, quick reference to identify the diverse flora we encounter on our paddles. Some are familiar sights on many waterways, others are unique to one or two particular areas. The guide is not meant to be an exhaustive identification reference but a quick visual guide of the trees and plants I enjoyed while paddling the waterways…James


Flowering Plants, Vines, and Trees

White, Cream ~ Yellow ~ Orange, Pink, Red ~ Violet, Purple, Blue

Air Plants ~ Additional Aquatic Plants ~ FernsTrees ~ Resources


White Flowering Plants, Vines, and Trees

Alligator Lily ~ Spider Lily ~ Swamp Lily ~ Fragrant Water Lily ~ American Rattan ~ Climbing Hemp Vine, Hedge Bindweed ~ Hairy Bittercress ~ Late Boneset ~ Lizard’s Tail ~ Sandswamp White Top Sedge ~ American Elderberry ~ Broadleaf Arrowroot ~ Mock Bishop’s Weed ~ Water Hemlock ~ White Swamp Milkweed ~ Wild Rice ~ Buttonbush ~ Halberd leaf Rose Mallow ~ Sea Myrtle ~ Swamp Azalea ~ False Willow ~ False Willow ~ Virginia Willow ~ Swamp Dogwood ~ Walter’s Viburnum ~ Wax Myrtle ~ Hawthorne ~ Loblolly Bay ~ Pipewort ~ Mangrove ~ Ogeechee Tupelo ~ Swamp Bay


Yellow Flowering Plants, Vines, and Trees

Bald Cypress ~ Bearded Beggaticks ~ Burr Marigold ~ Butterweed ~ Carolina Yellow Jasmine ~ Coastal Plain Willow ~ Golden Club ~ Golden Ragwort ~ Hairy Cowpea ~ Love Vine ~ Marsh Beggartick ~ Primrose Willow ~ Sandweed ~ Scrub St. Johns Wort ~ Sea Oxeye Daisy ~ Spadderdock ~ Swamp TiTi ~ Tickseed Sunflower ~ Mexican Primrose Willow ~ Woodland Sunflower


Pink, Red & Orange Flowering Plants, Vines, and Trees

Cardinal Flower ~ Crimson Eyed Rose Mallow ~ Obedient Plant ~ Purple Sesban ~ Red Maple ~ Salt Marsh Fleabane ~ Salt Marsh Mallow ~ Sensitive Brier ~ Shinning Fetterbush ~ Small American Aster ~ Smartweed ~ Sundew ~ Swamp Marsh Pink ~ Swamp Rose ~ Swamp Rose Mallow ~ Trumpet Creeper


Violet, Purple & Blue Flowering Plants, Vines, and Trees

Blue-Eyed Grass ~ Blue Flag Iris ~ Climbing Aster ~ Elliot’s Aster ~ False Indigo ~ Giant Ironweed ~ Pickerel Weed ~ Violet Wood Sorrel ~ Water Hyacynth


Air Plants


Additional Aquatic Flora

Broadleaf Arrowroot ~ Cattail ~ Dollarweed ~ Duckweed ~ Harsetail ~ Hydrilla ~ Lake Sedge ~ Maiden Cane ~ Needle Rush ~ Pickerel Weed ~ Sawgrass ~ Smartweed ~ Spadderdock ~ Water Hyacinth ~Water Lettuce ~ Wild Rice



Giant Leather Fern ~ Resurrection Fern ~ Sword Fern ~ Royal Fern ~ Southern Shield Fern ~ Cabbage Palm Fern



American Holly ~ Carolina Ash ~ Bald Cypress ~ Dahoon Holly ~ Florida Elm ~ Live Oak ~ Loblolly Bay ~ Mangrove ~ Pignut Hickory ~ Red Maple ~ Redbud ~ Sabal Palmetto ~ Swamp Bay ~ Swamp Dogwood ~ Swamp Locust ~ Sweet Bay ~ Swamp TiTi ~ Sweet Gum ~ Water Tupelo ~ Black Tupelo ~ Ogeechee Tupelo ~ River Birch ~ Water Hickory


Additional Resources…

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