Santa Fe River – Rum Island to Hwy 47

The Santa Fe RiverThe Santa Fe River is a 75-mile river in north-central Florida and derives its name from a Franciscan mission named Santa Fé de Toloca once located near the river. Its source is Lake Santa Fe – Little Lake Santa Fe located north of Melrose and East of Waldo. The upper half of The Santa Fe is a small, winding creek that often dries in low water periods and the river is usually a slow-flowing river…James

Silver River July 2018

Paddling the Silver RiverThe weather forecast changed over the course of the early morning. By the time we arrived at the launch in Silver Springs State Park the forecast was upwards of a 60-70% chance of rain. As the last of the kayaks entered the water, the sky was dark and thunder heralded our launch. We agreed to proceed, cautious about lightning, and assumed we would get wet…James

Floral City Lake to Sleepy Hollow

Tsala Apopka Lake - Hampton LakeTsala Apopka Lake is a chain of lakes located within a bend in the Withlacoochee River with a surface area of over 19,000 acres. Tsala Apopka Lake is located in Citrus County in north central Florida. The area contains numerous lakes, heavily vegetated marshes and swamps that encompass several islands and is often referred to as The Cove of the Withlacoochee…James


I like(‘d)* this App… I usually keep track of my paddling data i.e., trip length, kayak speed, trip route, wind speed and temperature. Kayaklog collects that …

Dunns Creek

Dunns CreekDunns Creek is rather wide for a creek, ranging from 275′ – 500′. The easterly side of the creek is populated for almost the last 1/2 of the distance, while the westerly side includes sandhills and wetlands. Among several protected species are the Gopher TortoiseGopherus Polyphemus and Fox SquirrelSciurus niger. During the last century, the area was used for turpentine logging, cattle ranching, and farming. The numerous shell mounds show evidence the area was inhabited by Native Americans…James

The Waccasassa/Wekiva Rivers

Low Tide WaccasassaThe Waccasassa River is a small, isolated river East of Gulf Hammock on HWY 326, Levy County. The entire river is 29 miles long, however, only a few miles are navigable. The Waccasassa is one of the most undeveloped rivers in Florida. Originating west of Bronson from diffuse swamp waters of southern Waccasassa Flats, and beginning a defined channel after receiving flow from Blue Spring…James