OUNNE Underwater Full Sealed Waterproof Case

OUNNE Underwater Full Sealed Waterproof Case

Time for a change…

After having continued frustration with my FRiEQ Waterproof Case, I decided to try another product. The FRiEQ is a great waterproof case to hold an iphone, but my frustration comes in trying to even turn it on through the thick plastic material…sometimes it’s hit or miss. I need a case with good touch sensitivity and decided to evaluate the OUNNE Underwater Full Sealed Waterproof Case. ( this is not a sponsored review )

Why take an expensive iPhone kayaking?

I take my iphone with me on all my kayak adventures for several reasons. A key reason is to track my paddle data using the two apps I currently use, KAYAKLOG and Where am I At? ( see my previews here ) My phone is on while I paddle and these two apps are kept on for quick access. KAYAKLOG runs in theOUNNE-iphone-case background recording time, temperature, speed as well as tracking my route. I only need to access it if I decide to take a rest stop, then it is readily available and I pause the app. Where am I? is a great app for recording the exact location you are at a particular time. Great for points of interest and notes along the way. Today I tested the OUNNE and here is what I found…

OUNNE iPhone 8 Waterproof CaseI purchased the OUNNE case on Amazon for a quite affordable price of $20.00. It arrived packaged well with clear instructions. I immediately performed the underwater test for 30 minutes and it passed with flying colors. The seal is tight and took a little effort to re-open the case to insert my phone which I found that to be a positive. With my iphone 8 all sealed up I headed out to Dunn’s Creek near Pomona Park, Fl.

This was a good test day as it was cloudy, breezy and a 60% chance of rain. I felt very comfortable having my iphone within reach to use my kayaking apps while paddling. What I liked the most was that the touch screen was very sensitive and responded well. The case is not bulky at all. Overall the case performed as I would like, it didn’t get submerged but the little water it did get from sprinkles and paddle spray was nothing to worry about. I am happy with this case and feel comfortable that my iphone is well protected..