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Each of Florida's many waterways has a unique personality, from the wildlife and vegetation to the life below and above the surface. Florida Paddle Notes was created to give you a more detailed look at many of these waterways and provide information on the flora and fauna distinctive to each. Please feel free to comment on what you may have enjoyed on your trips along these waterways and I will continue to keep these notes updated. Enjoy the scenery! -James

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About Florida Paddle Notes
Enjoy your next paddle with Florida Paddle Notes! One of the best things about getting on Florida waterways in my kayak ‘Stumpknocker’ is the ability to explore the scenery up close and personal.  It’s nice...
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The Waterways
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FPN – Resources
FPN – Resources Here are some of the paddling resources that I have come across over the past few years.  There is a lot of good information out there and hopefully this assortment of resources...
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Florida Paddle Notes

Observe, Learn and Enjoy the Ride…

Paddle Notes Logo DecalFlorida Paddle Notes was created with you in mind. For years I have paddled the Florida waterways from South Florida to the Panhandle. One of greatest challenges for me was in identifying some of the unique flora and fauna distinct on every waterway. Depending on the time of year, there may be beautiful flowers in bloom, interesting trees, unique fish, turtles and other wildlife. Often, trying to identify these requires extra time researching the internet, which is what I do. I enjoy taking photos when paddling and after processing them, the next step is to identify those that I do not recognize.

White Egret – Ardea alba
White Egret – Ardea alba

Many sites that have descriptions of waterways simply state “there is abundant wildlife, birds, turtles, etc.  They are not often very specific. As a result, Florida Paddle Notes was created to not only have a place to log my paddle notes, but to save you the time trying to ID different species. Knowing what you may see enhances your paddling experience. I am hoping you’ll find this useful. Please, feel free to comment on the paddle posts if you have additional knowledge on any of these waterways I have documented on this site.

Florida Paddle Notes Locations?…

Currently much of my main focus is on the waterways in North Central Florida, as this is where I live. I do venture out and as I paddle other waterways I will include them on this site as well. Check out the interactive map to locate the waterways listed on this site and plan your next adventure!

There are several paddle groups in our area that I want to give a shout out to…the Boll Green Aquaholics and The Putnam Blueways and Trails. A great group of friends with an active paddle itinerary. Also if you are in our neck of the woods, check out Adventure Outpost for some great guided tours. See you on the water and enjoy the scenery!

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