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James on Salt Creek
James on Salt Creek

Each of Florida’s many waterways has a unique personality, from the wildlife and vegetation above the surface to the life below the surface. Welcome to Florida Paddle Notes. This site was created to give you a more detailed look at many of these waterways and offer information to help you plan and enjoy your next paddle.

I grew up enjoying Florida’s waterways, whether at the beach surfing, water skiing, or fishing. I was always around the water! Once I purchased my first Mohawk Canoe as a teenager I began exploring the rivers and springs.

Each unique post is set up to provide a brief overview of the waterway paddled and provide details of launch locations, width, depth, and other details specific to the waterway. A detailed map is included, with noted points of interest, mile markers, and other paddle information. Also, each post has a photo gallery of the fauna and flora along the way to help you identify and enjoy the waterway. The site is simply set up with a page for the Waterways, for resources specific to paddling Florida, an about page, and a contact page.

Currently, my main focus is on the waterways in North Central Florida, as this is where I live. Occasionally, I am able to travel further out and explore other waterways in the Panhandle or further south. As these new waterways are explored I’ll be sure to include them. Enjoy the site…see you on the water! -James


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