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Haw Creek – April 2020

Tillandsia - Bromeliad - Haw CreekFlagler County has opened the launch at Russell Landing in Haw Creek Preserve. My kayaking adventures have been quite a bit curtailed due to the Covid-19 virus, so we are being quite careful with our adventures for the time being. Today however, going solo, I decided to get a very early start and head over to Haw Creek. The weather was perfect and I felt getting an early start would have minimal other paddlers. I was not disappointed, I was all alone…James

Haw Creek

Single file through a Haw Creek ClogA new adventure for Florida Paddle NotesHaw Creek. The creek originates in swampland roughly 13.5 miles West of Ormond Beach, flows North for 9 miles before heading westward to our launch at Russell Landing. Most noticeable on this paddle was the diversity of trees along the creek…James