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The Silver River – Below the Surface

Turtle swimming Silver RiverThe Silver River is famous for many things, among which are the numerous springs that feed the river, the abundant wildlife, diverse flora, artifacts, and shipwrecks. Unless you have had the opportunity to enjoy a tour on one of the several glass bottom tour boats, these underwater sights often go unnoticed and unseen as we paddle the surface of this beautiful, scenic river…James

Silver River July 2018

Paddling the Silver RiverThe weather forecast changed over the course of the early morning. By the time we arrived at the launch in Silver Springs State Park the forecast was upwards of a 60-70% chance of rain. As the last of the kayaks entered the water, the sky was dark and thunder heralded our launch. We agreed to proceed, cautious about lightning, and assumed we would get wet…James

The Silver River

The Silver River is a 5.5-mile spring-fed river located about 6 miles East of Ocala in Marion County, Fl. Silver Springs, a state park, is the main 1st magnitude spring and source of flow to the Silver River, discharging over 500 million gallons of water a day! The main spring is roughly 130 feet across and about 35′ deep at the entrance…James